With more than 20 years of focus and research and development in the field of dry ice, Hefengli launched a model integrating dry ice manufacturing, dry ice particle size control, and dry ice spray cleaning, which solved the pain points of customers for purchasing dry ice and manual operation, and al···
Release time: 2022-11-15
01跨时代的智慧     After more than 600 days and nights of exploration and research, Hefengli launched the HP-1000plus dry ice granulator, which creatively developed the XXX technology on the basis of the previous, and solved the contradiction between cavity strength and output and dry···
Release time: 2022-05-30
Dry ice is a special product, which will produce a lot of carbon dioxide in a closed environment. The temperature of dry ice is minus 79 degrees Celsius, which is a very volatile product. In the process of releasing gas, it will release gas 1000 times larger than the original volume, and it is easy ···
Release time: 2023-02-17
Dry ice is solidified from solid carbon dioxide. What about the stage smoke I often see? In fact, when it is sublimated from solid to gas, it absorbs a lot of heat, which will rapidly reduce the temperature of the surrounding air, and then condense the water vapor into countless small water points. ···
Release time: 2023-02-16
Cold chain refers to that some food raw materials, processed food or semi-finished products, special biological products and drugs are purchased, processed, sterilized and inactivated, and all links are always in the specific low temperature environment necessary for the product in the process of pr···
Release time: 2023-02-09
Drugs are substances that should be used for the prevention, treatment and diagnosis of diseases, and also for the purpose of regulating the functions of the human body. As long as there are chemical raw materials and related preparations such as antibiotics and traditional Chinese medicine, drugs h···
Release time: 2022-11-23
Nowadays, dry ice mold cleaning machines have gradually received the attention of industrial production, mainly because the traditional cleaning of molds takes more time than the production time. At the same time, mold disassembly will also affect the quality of molds and the quality of products pro···
Release time: 2022-11-23
The carbon dioxide booster pump is a double-drive double-cylinder booster pump, which pressurizes a drive cylinder on the basis of the DGD series to maximize the output flow of the pressurized medium. It is very suitable for the transportation of some high-pressure media and for equipment and occasi···
Release time: 2022-11-22
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