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DATE: 2020-02-03

The vast coastline, the blue sea, the smart alpaca, and the countryside with green farms-Lima, Peru, is a mysterious and modern city.

    This month, HORECO2 cooperated with the well-known Danish recovery system, went to Peru to deliver a complete set of dry ice equipment.

    Customers highly value the performance of HORECO2 HP-120 pelletizer. This time, 3mm and 16mm dry ice pellets were produced. With the recovery system, the 3mm pellets conversion rate was as high as 1.4. Even if the dry ice machine manufacturers in other countries are equipped with recovery systems, the conversion rate is only 1.8-2. HORECO2 help customers save 22% of cost.

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    The density of dry ice pressed by the HORECO2 dry ice reformer is 1500kg / m³. The customer compared the dry ice blocks pressed by HORECO2 with the local dry ice blocks and compared the results of the free-fall and volatilization test. The dry ice produced by HORECO2 is harder and volatile more slowly. HORECO2 give customers a better experience.

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    The equipment is easy to operate, and the equipment can be started with one touch. Quiet operation with low noise as low as 68 db (A). It not only saves effort, but also provides employees with a comfortable working environment.

    HORECO2 equipment is worth your trust, especially for countries and regions where the cost of liquid carbon dioxide is high. HORECO2 provides customers with high-performance and economical dry ice ice makers--stable dry ice conversion rate and energy-saving power devices, so that customers can save tens of thousands of money in carbon dioxide and electricity costs each year. It is definitely the most economical good helper for dry ice production.

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