Leading SMEs to Improve Quality and Efficiency with Innovation ——Xiamen Municipal Committee of DAB continued to support the development of SMEs

DATE: 2020-03-04


    "Compared to large enterprises, the reform cost of SMEs is low, the operation is convenient, the social shock is small, and the introduction of new mechanisms is fast. Therefore, the reform results of small and medium-sized enterprises have provided beneficial experience for the reform practice of large enterprises, and also contributed to creating a good situation for the common development of various economic components ... " "Although the Severe Tropical Storm “Bailu” raged outside, the venue was filled with the enthusiasm of the members and entrepreneurs of the Xiamen Municipal Committee for the exchange of experience. At the Development Forum, Huang Shizhong, the chairman of the Xiamen Municipal Committee of the Democratic People's Republic of China, gave a speech at the forum, sparking heated discussion among the participants.


    It is understood that the SME Development Forum for Private Construction has been held since 2002. Each forum focuses on different themes and focuses on the survival and development of SMEs. The content covers the practical problems encountered in the development of multiple small and medium enterprises, such as “enhancing Xiamen’s physical industry to become bigger, stronger and better”, the “Belt and Road” initiative, and development opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises. An interactive platform has been established between government departments, experts, scholars, and SMEs, which has provided inspiration and help in solving the development problems of small and medium-sized enterprises. It has also become a golden signboard for the Xiamen Municipal Committee of the Democratic People's Republic of China to participate in politics.


    SMEs are an important carrier for mass entrepreneurship and innovation. At present, more than 70% of technological innovation in China comes from SMEs. The theme of this forum is "Accelerate Innovation-Driven Development --- Promote the Development of Quality and Efficiency of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises" as the theme, and discuss in depth new measures and new countermeasures to drive the development of SMEs. How to further protect, encourage and support SMEs from accelerating innovation from the perspectives of policy, mechanism and operation is a hot topic for guests at this forum.


    "Enterprises need innovation to drive development, but there is an asymmetry in innovation between small and medium-sized enterprises and large enterprises." said Chen Chuang, a member of the Xiamen Municipal Committee of the China Democratic National Construction Association and a professor at the School of Management of Xiamen University. Compared with large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises "turn around small ships and make good U-turns" are more able to adapt to fast-paced innovation and development. Chen Chuang suggested that the innovation drive of small and medium-sized enterprises should be combined with the dynamics of industrial development. Starting from the leading areas of products and areas close to customers, relax the perspective of innovation, look at innovation with a broader perspective, and create value from value creation and value acquisition. Look at innovation from a perspective, and explore formation through continuous experimentation, learning and retry.


    Technology and market innovation are the soul of our company and the key to our leading position in the industry. "Lin Yuxiao, vice chairman of the Xiamen Municipal Committee's Enterprise Work Research Association and general manager of Xiamen HORECO2 Dry Ice Blasting Equipment & Service Co., Ltd. said that under the current difficult circumstances for SMEs to survive, enterprises must survive well and last long. It is necessary to focus on the main business, increase investment in product research and development innovation, continue to innovate and develop competitive products, and continue to focus on the areas where they are good at.


    "How to reasonably avoid the risk of innovation failure?" In the subsequent interactive session, members of DAB actively asked the speakers. "The farther away from the core of the consumer market, the greater the risk of innovation failure. You should choose the strength of innovation and bear the risk of innovation according to your ambitions and vision.”... The response of the speakers received warm applause. Participants said that participating in this forum has benefited a lot, and they are full of confidence in the development of SMEs and the private economy. At the same time, they have broadened their thinking and are full of expectations for Xiamen's physical industry to become larger and stronger.


    Huang Shizhong said that DAB is a party organization that maintains close ties with the economic world. It is a natural mission of DAB to focus on economic development. The Xiamen Municipal Committee of the Democratic People's Republic of China will regard the development of SMEs as a key concern, continue to unswervingly support and promote the development of SMEs, and provide suggestions for economic development.


(Reporter Zhao Ning, correspondent Weng Yuqi)

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