Epidemic prevention and control, we are in action!

DATE: 2020-03-09

Since the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus, hundreds of millions of people have defended themselves as required, and everyone has invested in the main battlefield for epidemic prevention and control.


. Strengthen epidemic prevention work and promote production.


HORECO2 Headquarters and its subsidiaries actively fulfilled corporate social responsibilities, strictly enforced government regulations, delayed the start of the Spring Festival, and employees also implemented the requirements for self-quarantine for 7 to 14 days before returning to their places of employment. .


Do a good job of scientific protection and strict protection. Formulate work plans for epidemic prevention and control, equipped with basic protective equipment such as masks, disinfection water, forehead guns, etc., to strengthen personnel inspection, access registration, and temperature measurement. The Thai branch also actively provides masks.


The 20th anniversary of the company's founding, this year is also the replacement of HORECO2 products, and equipment orders are in short supply. All employees actively respond to production needs, Give full play to their respective advantages, and work together to complete production. Except for Hubei employees, the return rate is 98%. All employees are determined to work together!


Take temperature before entering and leaving the company


Workshop disinfection



Employees return to work


. Staff care.


HORECO2 Headquarters and its subsidiaries have always paid attention to the health and safety of every Hubei employee, expressed care for employees and their families who were unable to return to work, and promised not to lay off staff during the epidemic period, and pay full wages to Hubei employees.


. Leadership care.


The company has difficulties, the governments give helps. The leaders of the districts, towns and cities concerned for sympathy and abundant profits, and gave great care. On the morning of February 28, leaders of the United Front Department of the CPC Municipal Committee Zeng Qingjun and Zeng Wenjian visited HORECO2 to investigate the situation of resuming production of the enterprise: to fully ensure safety, actively resume production, and increase production capacity. And carefully listened to the epidemic prevention report.




Leaders of the United Front Department of the CPC Municipal Committee


Town Government Leader


HORECO2 believe that under the strong leadership of the party and the country, we will be able to achieve the final victory in this epidemic prevention and control battle!

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