HORECO2 epoch-making dry ice pelletizer-HP1000

DATE: 2020-05-12

In 2020, HORECO2 launched HP1000, an epoch-making dry ice pelletizer.


Technical Specifications:

Length * width * height165cm×154cm×192cm
Capacityaround 1000kg/hr
Block sizeΦ3mm,Φ8mm,Φ10mm,Φ16mm,Φ19mm
Intake pressure1.4-2.2Mpa
Noise level76DB
Dry ice conversion rate43%
CE certificationyes
Actual power consumption8.8kW/h


Small size, saving 46% of area requirements compared with competing brands.

HORECO2 HP1000 covers an area of 2.54m³, and other companies' 1000KG pelletizer cover an area of 4.46m³.

High conversion rate 2.34.

Low noise 76DB.

Low energy consumption, using servo motor, saving electricity, the actual power consumption is 8.8kW / h.

Quality assurance, international brand hydraulic accessories, no oil leakage warranty.

Reasons for choosing HORECO2

Do you only consider the lowest price to buy a dry ice pelletizer? ? ?

Or consider the long-term reliability of the equipment? ? ?

In the end, which is the low cost of investment in the company's production? ? ?


The conversion rate of a dry ice pelletizer reached 2.8: 1 after a year after using it by a certain company.

With USD57 / ton of liquid, each unit has a production capacity of 1,000 kg / h, and produces 10 hours per day, 320 days a year will waste USD96,000.

2.8 * 0.057 =USD0.16 / kg

2.34 * 0.057 = USD0.13 / kg

(0.16-0.13) * 10hr * 1000kg / unit * 320days = USD96,000


USD96,000 is the cost we saved for you, and this is your benefit.

In order to test the performance of the HP1000 dry ice pelletizer, we conducted a 56-hour durability test experiment on it, without stopping production in the middle. The following picture is the equipment situation:

The equipment has just been launched and has been recognized by major international manufacturers. The following is the shipment of equipment:

In the next issue, we will introduce the equipment delivery situation, please wait...

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