Who will compete with HORECO2 HP1000? Customer delivery status.

DATE: 2020-08-08

In the last issue, I introduced the HORECO2 cross-age dry ice pelletizer-HP1000 and its shipment status. In this issue, I will introduce the equipment delivery status.


Partial delivery abroad:

HORECO2 pelletizer HP1000 and reformer HR800 can also form a fully automatic production line with the packaging machine.

Excellent structural design to meet customers' high-strength and long-term production.

Proprietary PLC program design saves production time and improves efficiency


HORECO2 has honed its sword in ten years, and HP1000 equipment has been delivered to Suzhou, Baoding, Xinxiang, Dongguan... since April. The unit output and reliability of the equipment per hour have been appreciated by customers, and there are many orders that temporarily require additional equipment. In the hot summer, the company's employees overcame difficulties to work overtime to meet customer orders.



Partial domestic delivery:



If you need a pelletizer with high conversion rate and high output, please choose HORECO2 HP1000. Of course, if you need pelletizer with high conversion rate and low output, HORECO2 also has HP120 for your choice. Relying on years of unremitting research and development, combined with years of actual production experience, HORECO2 has developed a series of dry ice manufacturing equipment from pellets to blocks to meet customers' needs for high-density, multi-specification dry ice.


High-quality equipment is inseparable from the hard work of employees. HORECO2 has more than 200 employees all over the world, including vigorous sales staff and engineers, and has a Ph.D. R&D team, everyone is working together.停工3个月,工资、奖金、绩效一分不少发!集美这家好公司是…


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