The mayor of Jimei District visited HORECO2

DATE: 2020-08-21

On July 14, Jimei District Mayor Xubin Hu, Deputy District Mayor Xibin chen, and relevant department heads visited HORECO2 for research, discussed with the general manager, coordinated on-site and solved problems encountered in the development of the company.



The general manager of the company reported that the HORECO2 Group had overcome difficulties during the epidemic and that the cumulative sales of the group in the first half of 2020 have achieved double-digit growth compared with the same period of the previous year. He also said that he realized the changes in the market three years ago, and the company began to continuously develop new products, prepare for the construction of the second phase of the plant project, hire aerospace insulation experts to form a scientific research team, build a scientific research laboratory, and carry out technical scientific research such as product lightweighting.


Xubin Hu, the mayor of Jimei District, encouraged the company to continue to improve its independent innovation capabilities, effectively transform technological innovation advantages into market competitiveness, and coordinate with the relevant departments of the district to solve the difficulties encountered in the construction of the company's second-phase plant.


The leadership of the company was encouraged, saying that the company would achieve better sales revenue in the second half of the year and create higher taxes for Jimei District.



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