The Golden Rat is leaving the old year and the Golden Bull welcomes the spring.

DATE: 2021-02-20

On January 29, 2021, Jimei District Deputy District Mayor Wu Jinping, together with the leaders of the Industry and Information Technology Bureau and the township leaders, came to the company to give condolences to the company and fully affirmed the company's double-digit growth this year, setting off the prelude to the annual meeting this year.




This year, due to the epidemic, the company conducted exchanges in groups and held an unprecedented "face mask annual meeting".






The company visited and expressed condolences to the family members of the employees who stayed abroad and thanked them for staying at their posts.


On the occasion of the Spring Festival in 2021, I wish you all an early year in advance, and wish you all a good Year of the Ox! happy New Year! Career is flying! Family well-being!


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