HORECO2-- The first Team Building Event in the Year of Ox

DATE: 2021-03-22

New Year! New beginning!

The year of the ox! Let’s start a new journey!


When it comes to team building event, what is your first impression that come out of your mind?


Have no choice? Embarrassing? Upset? Helpless? Waste of time?


Let's take a look at how HORECO2 do!


On March 13, all staff of HORECO2 came to the Spinulose Valley Experience Hall which located in Quanzhou City, Fujian Province. It is a natural scenic spot surrounded by spinulose tree fern and other plants with beautiful environment, fresh air and pleasant climate. We stay far away from the hustle and bustle of the city and work, abandon the tedious, integrate ourselves into the outdoors, leap into nature and embrace the team.


Team Show Time

All kinds of interesting activities test the team members' ability of cooperation, coordination and unity. They constantly explore everyone's potential, mobilize the enthusiasm of all team members, and create unlimited possibilities. Through these activities, it not only exercise our physical body, but also find happiness in them.



a dance to have a clear mind after noon break


unlock the chain made by men



Journey to discover Alsophila spinulosa 



Relay race holding a huge ball


Tank made by Newspaper



Caterpillar's body with men's feet.



Don't let the tennis ball to fall into the hole on the foam board.(There are 5 holes on the foam board.)

These  colorful experience makes us realize what a team is: the team is a whole. Only by mutual trust and mutual help can each individual build a team that is highly effective. A good team needs a sincere and intelligent leader to lead the team  to a bright future. In the meanwhile, a group of excellent executives are extremely necessary. Both of them are indispensable and complementary.

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