HORECO2 dry ice enters agriculture

DATE: 2021-10-27

    Recently, with the support of the Agricultural and Rural Bureau of Jimei District, Xiamen HORECO2 Dry Ice has established a cooperative relationship with a famous agricultural demonstration base to distribute dry ice to the greenhouse base and provide gas fertilizer-carbon dioxide for the small tomatoes in the greenhouse, which responds to the call of national policy. The beneficial practice of "emission peak" and "carbon neutrality" also marks the formal entry of Xiamen HORECO2 dry ice into agriculture.



    During the growth of plants, they need carbon dioxide, water and sunlight for photosynthesis to generate organic matter (mainly carbohydrates), which are then transported to the roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits and other parts of the plants to promote crops The growth and ripeness of the fruit are delicious.



    Dry ice is the common name for solid carbon dioxide. Its temperature is -78°C, and it changes from solid to gas at room temperature. The most suitable carbon dioxide concentration for crop growth is about 1400ppm. The concentration of carbon dioxide in the greenhouse will be greatly reduced with the enhancement of photosynthesis in the morning. If the carbon dioxide cannot be supplemented in time, crops are prone to face "carbon starvation" and reduce the efficiency of photosynthesis and will affect its growth.



    Dry ice is favored by farmers for its advantages of convenient transportation, simple use, sufficient carbon dioxide supply and long-lasting release.



     Green mountains and clear water are equal to mountains of gold and silver. Xiamen HORECO2 Dry Ice is the earliest company dedicated to the use of dry ice in China. It has been practicing carbon reduction and environmental protection. It has deployed more than 20 dry ice manufacturing plants across the country, providing a complete dry ice distribution service network, and dedicated to providing each customer with high cost performance. Experience.

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