HORECO2 is in action when it comes to burning "coal"!

DATE: 2021-10-27

    At present, in order to implement the scientific development concept, build a socialist harmonious society, and build a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, the country has introduced a series of energy-saving and emission-reduction policies, and some cities have adopted power rationing measures, and many companies have to suspend operations. Discontinued. In power engineering, hydropower engineering occupies a vital position. The operating conditions of its hydroelectric power plant generator set equipment not only have a direct impact on the power supply capacity of power companies, but also seriously affect the quality of power supply.

    In order to ensure efficient and continuous power supply, our company recently went to the Mianhuatan Hydropower Plant to clean the generator set equipment with dry ice cleaning equipment in accordance with the requirements of Huadian Group Mianhuatan Hydropower Development Co., Ltd.


    Mianhuatan Hydropower Station is located in the middle of Mianhuatan Canyon on the main stream of Tingjiang River in Yongding District, Longyan City, Fujian Province. The dam is 111 meters high and has a total storage capacity of 2.035 billion cubic meters. The installed capacity of the power station is four 150MW generating units and an annual power generation of 1.52 billion. Kilowatt hours. The power station focuses on power generation and has comprehensive benefits such as flood control. It is a national key project investment project since the founding of the People's Republic of China.


    Dry ice cleaning has a strong cleaning effect and is widely used in various industries. In terms of decontamination of water conservancy power generation, HORECO2 dry ice cleaning is mainly used to clean stators, rotors, runners, equipment components, factory walls and floors, pipelines and other places.




Comparison of dry ice blasting machine before and after cleaning:


Do not forget the original intention, keep the mission in mind! HORECO2 is always in action!

HORECO2 dry ice, as the benchmark of the dry ice industry, has a complete industrial structure chain of R&D, manufacturing, sales, after-sales, etc. The company itself has been committed to energy saving and emission reduction, and at the same time, it provides assistance to other companies to achieve carbon peaks and carbon neutrality. Work hard!

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