Safe production - the first lesson of resumption of work after the holiday

DATE: 2022-02-22

We are working

     New year and new atmosphere, add new year and auspiciousness. After a happy and peaceful Spring Festival holiday, on the eighth day of the first lunar month, we went back to work again to welcome the new year's work. Set off firecrackers, give out red envelopes, and make a lot of money, start work, and everything goes smoothly!

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Security check

     When returning to work after the holiday, the most important thing is to ensure safe production first. On the second day of construction, Chen Gong, accompanied by the safety leaders of various workshops and offices, carefully inspected the working environment, fire-fighting equipment and assessed various potential safety hazards in various places to ensure an orderly and safe resumption of work after the holiday.

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Safety production training


      After checking the working environment, the company quickly organized the first lesson of post-holiday resumption-safety production training. Safety officer Wang Yousheng is the lecturer of this safety production training. They explained the importance of safety production, safety behavior management, emergency management, epidemic prevention safety management, etc. The vivid and contagious teaching methods let everyone deeply understand safety The importance of production and how to better carry out safe production in the future.

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Safety knowledge contest celebrates Lantern Festival

     In order to increase the atmosphere of the Lantern Festival and publicize the knowledge of safe production, the company held a unique lantern riddle guessing and "Ankang Cup" knowledge contest. Wisdom, prosperous Lantern Festival!



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