Team Building --Happy Goddess Festival

DATE: 2022-03-11


The beginning of March, drizzle, falling in abundance. In such a season, HORECO took advantage of the  Goddess Festival, launched a team-building activities and gifts blessing, to express their gratitude to the staff dedication.

Team building of Wild Valley


   March 5, all of the team members came to Xiamen Tongan wild valley construction, ahead of the goddess of the March 8 celebration. The coach divided all the staff into 6 groups. The activity was a lively one, with a panoramic view of the valley and a good meal of farmyard food! Take a closer look:

1.Plate to table tennis

     Plate to table tennis, is a group of members by the groove plate connected together, so that table tennis ball along the plate roll, the final flow of 10 meters away from the Cup, the shortest group wins.


   The event tested the skill and understanding of the players, who rushed to the field and were careful not to make a false start. There are a few people outside the heckling interference, the whole process wonderful and funny.


2.Live-action CS

   The live-action CS is a popular team-building activity these years, but it’s still very fresh for some people. Just looking at this special forces outfit, it’s enough to make it look cool. Plus, the way you shoot and get shot with a little bit of technology, it’s simply not cool.


      Group PK to build the atmosphere to the climax of the group, how to attack, how to defend, this kind of activity full of tactics let us have a soldier addiction, after a fierce battle, the final small unit in the team outstanding, brave champion, excellent!


3.The beauty of the mountains

    Wild Valley unique original ecological natural landscape, enjoy the “Jiuzhaigou, Minnan”reputation, let us Linger, personally felt the clouds and feeling the majestic nature of the deep.





To celebrate the Goddess Festival


On the day of the Goddess Festival, the company sent flowers and small gifts to female colleagues, to send the most sincere greetings on the festival. We all feel that the small gifts prepared with special care, especially the small hair band, cute and practical, wearing it to wash your face super convenient. I wish the female compatriots Happy Holidays, forever young and beautiful.

女神节 - 副本_01.jpg女神节 - 副本_02.jpg

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