The formation of precision metal processing prisms, burrs, electroplating dust removal, one step, saving your time and effort.
It can clean printed circuit boards, photocopiers, motors, generators and other dry decontamination with more precision, less noise. Also will not cause short circuit, leakage.
Precision rubber mold, plastic mold, silicone mold, aluminum die-casting mold, the production line decontamination, rapid provision of efficiency beneficial.
Our dry ice blasting technology can bring powerful, non-abrasive and environmentally friendly cleaning method in medical device. it can cleaning contaminants/residue from vents, hard to reach places on the mold.
Cleaning bogies, insulators cleaning; engine room cleaning, door skin, roof, compartment, car bottom oil without water pollution and stains.
Cleaning roller, tooth row, gear, body shell without pollution.
Cleaning jet engine, landing gear on site, save time.
Oven, conveyor belt, cake mold, etc., low temperature dry decontamination, to avoid the breeding of bacteria.
Gas turbine rotor cleaning, large machinery furnace cleaning. It can cleaned in-place, without cool down and save outage time.
Condensers and heat exchangers are cleaned, more effective than high pressure water.
Polyurethane foam, excess glue and other clearance.
Clear the glass surface dust, residues, oil and so on.
Cleaning hotel exhaust facilities, surface of building.
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