Dry Ice Pelletizer HP-1000


Output: Around 1000kg/hr

(Different molds are different output);

Weight: About 1960kg;

Power: 25.5kW, 380VAC, 50 / 60Hz;

Pellet Range: Φ3mm, Φ8mm, Φ10mm, Φ16mm, Φ19mm;

Density of dry ice: 1550kg/m³;

Liquid to Solid CO2 Ratio 2.34:1

(It will change in accordance with the ambient temperature);

Actual power consumption: 8.8kW / h

Size(L×W×H): 165cm × 154cm × 192cm

Exhaust emissions can connect to CO2 gas recovery.


• Small size, saving 46% of area requirements compared with competing brands. HORECO2 HP-1000 covers an area of 2.54㎡, and other companies' 1000KG dry ice pelletizer cover an area of 4.46㎡.

• High conversion rate 2.34.

• Low noise 76DB.

• Low energy consumption, using servo motor, saving electricity, the actual power consumption is 8.8kW / h.

• Quality assurance, international brand hydraulic accessories, no oil leakage warranty.

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