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Xiamen Hefengli Dry Ice Decontamination Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hefengli Dry Ice), founded in 1999, is a Chinese enterprise specializing in dry ice application, forming a complete industrial structure chain of R&D, manufacturing, sales and after-sales. The company's brand is HORECO2, and Fengli has a doctor-level research and development team. Its main products include dry ice granulator&briquetting machine, dry ice cleaning machine, dry ice automatic production line, dry ice intelligent cleaning, supply of various specifications of dry ice, dry ice cleaning services and leasing, dry ice insulation box, dry ice equipment accessories and related intelligent products; It has arranged 18 dry ice manufacturing plants, provided a complete dry ice distribution service network, and provided customers with a cost-effective use experience.


The company adheres to the business policy of "conducting research and development in the whole field of dry ice, relying on all employees to make it the benchmark of the industry in the spirit of perseverance".

In 1999, Hefengli Company was established to introduce foreign advanced dry ice cleaning technology. In 2000, China started the petrochemical Yizheng chemical fiber heating furnace project for dry ice cleaning.

In 2002, a dry ice manufacturing site was established in Taizhou, Jiangsu Province;

In 2003, dry ice cleaning was introduced into the tire industry;

In 2004, the new patented product Hero-75 was launched;

In 2005, Beijing and Changchun dry ice manufacturing sites were established.

In 2006, Chongqing dry ice manufacturing site was established to introduce dry ice cleaning technology into the foundry industry.

In 2007, it officially entered the printing industry.

In 2008, Ares50, 80 and PA-50 models were launched and passed the OHSMS occupational health and safety management system certification. In 2009, they entered the chemical industry chain.

In 2010, Xi'an dry ice manufacturing site was officially put into operation;

In 2011, with China's speed, the new Ares-DM special model will be equipped with China's high-speed railway;

In 2012, Wistar W-STAR series once again introduced dry ice cleaning into the era of automation;

In 2013, the Shanghai branch was established and launched 250g dry ice cubes in China in the same year to promote the fresh and cold chain express market;

In 2014, the International Business Department was established and the HORECO2 quality database was launched.

In 2015, the first dry ice powder machine in China - CC dry ice cleaner was born, innovating the deburring method in the electronic industry;

In 2016, the dry ice application project Esco Cold Chain was approved by the government and signed as a key item of China's 9.8 trade. It was a growth industrial enterprise in Jimei District in 2016;

In 2017, the new model HB-1500 dry ice maker was launched;

In 2018, the new technology of CC-II generation was reborn, and the enterprise was rated as "the most growing small and medium-sized enterprise in Xiamen";

In 2020, the Esco plant project was launched to enter the dry ice cold chain transportation industry.

Application fields include burr removal; Power generation and petrochemical industry (gas turbine rotor cleaning); Ship (condenser and heat exchanger cleaning); Food industry (oven, cake mold low-temperature dry decontamination); Household appliance industry (polyurethane foam, overflow removal, etc.); Glass panel (remove dust and residue on glass surface); Printing machine (dry cleaning of roller, tooth row, gear, body shell, etc.); Aircraft industry (jet engine and landing gear can be used for oil removal and can work directly on the airframe); Electronic motor (dry decontamination of printed circuit board, photocopier, motor, generator, etc.); Mold (rubber mold, plastic mold, silicone mold, aluminum alloy die-casting mold, production line decontamination); Pharmaceutical industry (non-abrasive and environmentally friendly cleaning of instruments, which can clean pollutants/residues in ventilation holes); High-speed rail car washing industry (bogie and insulator cleaning; engine compartment cleaning, door skin dry cleaning without water stain).

ADD:No. 18 Xinling Road, Houxi Industrial Park, Jimei District, Xiamen, China