Analyze the principle of dry ice cleaner through the carbon dioxide booster pump, the core component of dry ice cleaner

日期: 2022-11-22

The carbon dioxide booster pump is a double-drive double-cylinder booster pump, which pressurizes a drive cylinder on the basis of the DGD series to maximize the output flow of the pressurized medium. It is very suitable for the transportation of some high-pressure media and for equipment and occasions with certain requirements for outlet flow and pressure. The reversing mode of this series of pumps is the same as that of DGD series. The difference is that this series of pumps is a double-drive double-head pump manufactured on the basis of DGD series. The whole pump is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel. The driving piston diameter of this series of pumps is 160mm, the driving pressure is ≤ 8bar, and the pump heads at both ends are equipped with exhaust cooling. This series of booster pumps can pressurize gas carbon dioxide, liquid carbon dioxide and gas-liquid mixed carbon dioxide. The high-pressure end is made of stainless steel and imported low-temperature resistant sealing components are used

1. Working pressure: 30-80bar can be set arbitrarily.

2. Peak pressure: 80bar.

3. Test medium: carbon dioxide

4. Carbon dioxide booster pump: the automatic reciprocating motion of the pump is realized by using a single gas-controlled non-equilibrium gas balance gas distribution valve. The gas drive part of the pump body is all made of aluminum alloy, and the aluminum alloy parts are oxidized to black after processing, ensuring the beautiful appearance and never rusting of the product. The complete set of seals of the pump are imported high-quality products, thus ensuring the performance of the pump. The diameter of the driving piston is 160mm.

The high pressure piston controlled by the check valve of the gas booster pump continuously discharges the gas. The outlet pressure of the gas booster pump is related to the air drive pressure. The working medium of the gas booster pump can be air, with high reliability, maintenance-free and long service life. The gas booster pump is a plunger pump. When it works, the booster pump rapidly reciprocates. As the output pressure approaches the set pressure value, the reciprocating speed of the pump slows down until it stops. At this time, the pump output pressure is constant, the energy consumption is the lowest, and all parts stop moving.

Characteristics of gas booster pump equipment:

Multiple air sources drive: compressed air can be used as the driving air source of the pump;

The gas booster pump does not consume energy

With explosion-proof function, no power or wire connection is required

Operation safety: It is driven by gas, and the driving air (including oxygen) is completely isolated from the pressurized gas, without electric arc and spark. It is completely suitable for places with flammable and explosive liquid or gas;

The working principle of the gas booster pump is similar to that of the pressure booster. The gas booster pump applies a very low pressure to the large diameter air-driven piston. When the pressure of the gas booster pump acts on a small area of piston, a high pressure is generated. The gas supercharger can realize continuous operation through a two-position four-way ventilation control valve. The spool valve causes the drive gas to act alternately on the bottom and top surfaces of the piston. The spool valve is controlled by a two-position two-way valve. The pilot valve is controlled by an air-driven piston.

Maximum air consumption and supporting air compressor

The air consumption is mainly determined by the reciprocating times per minute of the driving cylinder piston of the booster pump. In the case of inconvenient air supply pressure, the reciprocating times of the pump depend on the large or small exhaust gas pressure. When the air supply pressure is adjusted to the maximum for no-load exhaust (such as charging the inspected large-volume container), the pump's air consumption is the maximum. As the air pressure in the container under test gradually increases, the reciprocating speed of the pump also gradually slows down, until the driving gas pressure is proportional to the exhaust gas pressure, the pump stops working, and the air consumption is equal to zero.


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