Analysis of smoke effect in dry ice manufacturing stage

日期: 2023-02-16

Dry ice is solidified from solid carbon dioxide. What about the stage smoke I often see? In fact, when it is sublimated from solid to gas, it absorbs a lot of heat, which will rapidly reduce the temperature of the surrounding air, and then condense the water vapor into countless small water points. The method of spraying dry ice on the stage will produce such white fog in an instant, which is also known as the dance stage dry ice effect.



The effect of the performance depends on how to operate the stage smoke dry ice. The intensity, speed, number, height and distribution of smoke, and the fluctuation of smoke are all related. You must remember the scene of smoke in Journey to the West, which is a special effect film made of dry ice in TV dramas. Nowadays, such stage effects are very common in our life.



In addition, it should be emphasized here that we should not give up the use because of the high price of edible dry ice, and buy some cheap industrial dry ice with toxic gas and odor to pollute the performance stage, and even bring harm to the personal safety of the stage audience. The question of how much money will be saved will shrink the art.


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