Precautions for dry ice storage

日期: 2023-02-17

Dry ice is a special product, which will produce a lot of carbon dioxide in a closed environment. The temperature of dry ice is minus 79 degrees Celsius, which is a very volatile product. In the process of releasing gas, it will release gas 1000 times larger than the original volume, and it is easy to explode when put dry ice into a closed space.

For example, put dry ice into a cola bottle and shake it slightly to produce a powerful explosion in a short time. So it is very dangerous to put dry ice in a sealed environment. Try to let the carbon dioxide generated by the sublimation of dry ice release enough space for circulation. Many food stores or ice cream stores will buy food-grade dry ice to keep food fresh. How do they store dry ice? After investigation and interview, many stores said that they would generally buy dry ice on the same day, and how much it would take to buy it. A small part of the purchased dry ice would be put into the freezer, and some of the carbon dioxide in the freezer would be released into the air after a period of time.

What should we do as ordinary people? From the above two cases, we can know that dry ice is not easy to store, and try not to store it in the refrigerator for a long time. The shelf life of dry ice is generally about three days. We can buy dry ice in an appropriate amount instead of a large amount at one time. We should dispose of the remaining dry ice as soon as possible so that it can sublimate freely in the air.


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