Medicine cold chain incubator

日期: 2022-11-23

Drugs are substances that should be used for the prevention, treatment and diagnosis of diseases, and also for the purpose of regulating the functions of the human body. As long as there are chemical raw materials and related preparations such as antibiotics and traditional Chinese medicine, drugs have the properties of all commodities, and their quality will have a great impact on human health, so the safety and quality of drugs has become a key point of great concern, In particular, refrigerated drugs have more detailed and strict requirements for the environment, so we must pay high attention to this issue.

1、 Definition of cold chain management

Cold chain management is the whole process of drug circulation. From the beginning of the manufacturer, it arrives at Shangya by railway or by air, and then it is transported to the hospital drug warehouse, then it enters the warehouse, and finally it is applied to the whole process of clinical management. In order to ensure the quality and efficacy of the drug itself, it is necessary to strictly control the effect of cold storage and freezing at every step.

2、 Management of refrigerated drugs in hospitals

2.1 Purchase of hospital refrigerated drugs

In the process of cold chain management, the most basic link is the procurement of refrigerated drugs. Generally, refrigerated drugs have very high requirements for the environment, so in this process, drugs must be purchased through formal channels. In addition, hospitals must take effective measures to ensure the efficacy of drugs, and at the same time, they must try to save and reduce the consumption of cold chain resources, In the process of purchasing drugs, hospitals should fully follow the principles of proper quantity, multiple batches and inventory control. Only in this way can we improve the efficiency of cold chain management.

2.2 Storage of drugs in the warehouse

The hospital installed a temperature control and alarm system inside the warehouse according to the requirements of GPS when establishing the cold storage. If the temperature of the warehouse exceeds its standard temperature, the system will alarm. At this time, the storekeeper will effectively deal with it, but the storekeeper must strictly control and record the temperature of the warehouse every day in the process of work, In addition, the air conditioning system in the warehouse should be regularly overhauled and maintained. At the same time, a scientific and complete emergency plan should be established in this process, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of accidents, and can also ensure the quality and level of the drug itself.

2.3 Distribution of drugs

For the refrigerated drugs requested by the outpatient pharmacy, the drug warehouse should prepare the drugs as needed, put them into the temperature control box, and send them to the outpatient department by a specially-assigned person, immediately check and put the drugs into the refrigerator. When distributing to patients from the outpatient window, the drugs that are particularly sensitive to temperature should be kept warm with ice and the precautions for storage should be carefully explained to patients. In the same way, the inpatient pharmacy stores the drugs in the refrigerator. When the clinical department needs them, the drugs are put into a small temperature control box and directly sent to each clinical department to put them in the department refrigerator. The nurse sends them to the patients for taking as needed.

3、 Strengthen cold chain management of refrigerated drugs

At present, the quality management of drugs in the process of transportation has requirements in the relevant provisions of GSP certification of pharmaceutical trading enterprises, but the provisions are not clear and the operability is not strong. It is a neglected link of drug quality management, especially for refrigerated drugs in hospitals, because of its high temperature control requirements, more attention should be paid to the quality management of transportation. Ensuring that refrigerated drugs are stored under appropriate conditions is an important link to ensure the quality of drugs.

At present, the cold chain of refrigerated drugs in many hospitals has been significantly developed and improved, but we should also see that there are still some problems in this process, and we need to take effective measures to improve it. In this process, we must take effective measures to improve the hardware facilities, and in addition, we must do our own work to ensure the quality of drugs.


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