The role of dry ice in cold chain preservation and transportation

日期: 2023-02-09

Cold chain refers to that some food raw materials, processed food or semi-finished products, special biological products and drugs are purchased, processed, sterilized and inactivated, and all links are always in the specific low temperature environment necessary for the product in the process of product processing, storage, transportation, distribution, retail and use, so as to reduce consumption, prevent pollution and deterioration, so as to ensure product, food safety, biological safety Special supply chain system for drug safety.

For perishable food, the cold storage temperature is monitored through the cold chain to ensure its excellent quality and edible safety. The cold chain is to control the temperature of perishable products, ensure the safety of their use, and ensure that the products still have good quality when consumers buy. If the temperature control is not accurate enough, it will lead to a series of product quality degradation. In addition to changes in general product characteristics, it also includes changes in organizational structure, color changes, damage in collision and extrusion, and microbial reproduction.

For the deep cold chain, the dry ice temperature is as low as - 78 ℃, so it has a good effect on the cold chain of deep cold chain.


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