Why choose dry ice mold cleaning machine for mold cleaning

日期: 2022-11-23

Nowadays, dry ice mold cleaning machines have gradually received the attention of industrial production, mainly because the traditional cleaning of molds takes more time than the production time. At the same time, mold disassembly will also affect the quality of molds and the quality of products produced. Also, most mold manufacturers still use the traditional manual cleaning method to clean molds. This is mainly because the unit price of dry ice mold cleaning machines is high and has not been popularized.

1、 How to solve the problem of difficult cleaning of moulds

Mold cleaning is actually a process in production, and it is also the problem of mold cleaning that causes many manufacturers to be willing to pay for ordering new molds and not willing to clean the molds. With the rapid development of industrial production, the product update speed is fast, and the time left for cleaning the molds is quite limited. Sometimes the molds are directly installed and continue to produce products without being cleaned, which leads to the increase of defective products, Usually, some part-time workers will be recruited to clean the mold. Because the structure of the mold is not clear, the quality of the mold parts will be affected, and the mold will be worn. Some of them may be carried directly, and there is no good cleaning of the mold, which will cause an increase in the defective rate of the product. At the same time, it will also cause trouble for the subsequent installation of the mold technicians, because the relevant marks on the mold are washed, which also affects the tolerance of the product.

2、 Can dry ice clean the mold?

Why choose dry ice mold cleaning machine for mold cleaning? This is mainly because the dry ice mold cleaner uses dry ice as the cleaning medium when cleaning the mold, and then uses the strong pressure gas of the air compressor to spray the dry ice particles onto the surface of the object to be cleaned. Due to the physical sublimation temperature difference reaction of dry ice, the dry ice quickly freezes and embrittles the dirt in contact with the object, and then the dry ice volume expands instantaneously, making the dirt separate from the surface of the object, and the dry ice sublimates during the cleaning process, Therefore, there is no secondary pollution residue in cleaning the mold.

3、 What kinds of molds can be cleaned by dry ice mold cleaning machine

At present, the dry ice mold cleaning machine can also clean more molds, such as injection mold cleaning, plastic mold cleaning, tire mold cleaning, silicone mold cleaning, rubber mold cleaning, etc; The dry ice mold cleaning machine has dry and water-free cleaning, no wear and corrosion; It can be cleaned online without stopping; No residual environmental cleaning.


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