HCP120 ice making and cleaning machine

日期: 2022-11-15

With more than 20 years of focus and research and development in the field of dry ice, Hefengli launched a model integrating dry ice manufacturing, dry ice particle size control, and dry ice spray cleaning, which solved the pain points of customers for purchasing dry ice and manual operation, and also provided solutions for customers to automate dry ice cleaning.

01 Novel and advanced

The new ice mixing method has overturned the "ice blocking" problem existing in traditional dry ice cleaning. It can produce dry ice and spray dry ice according to actual needs, and can independently control the multi-pipe spray technology.

02 Technical parameters

1. Dry ice capacity: 120kg/h (the equipment can be used to produce 3mm particles with external materials);

2. Cleaning and ice spraying speed: single spraying 0-726g/min (the equipment is double nozzles);

3. System pressure: 20MPa;

4 Compressed air pressure: 6-8 bar;

5 Co2 liquid pressure: 12-20 bar (the best pressure is 15-16 bar);

6 Co2 water content:<=35ppmv;

7 CO2 supply flow: not less than 300kg/h;

8 Compressed air pipeline: the pipeline is 3/4, and the distance is less than 20 meters;

9. Motor power: 7.5KW, voltage: 380V, frequency: 50/60, current: 20A;

10. Equipment size (length * width * height): 1841 * 1040 * 1712mm.


Application site of a famous drive enterprise in Germany

03 Product advantages

1. On-site ice making and cleaning to solve the problem of dry ice volatilization.

2. Quantitative output of dry ice to avoid dry ice caking and funnel ice blocking.

3. The automatic spraying system realizes the dry ice operation without human voice.

4. Human-machine interface, realizing automatic signal transmission control with production line.

5. The multi-nozzle design solves the problem of traditional single-tube dry ice.

6. Multiple particle size templates are selected to solve the problem of dry ice cleaning.

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