Application of dry ice cleaning in food factory

日期: 2022-10-24

The quality of the products of the food factory cannot be underestimated. Daily cleaning of the equipment used for a long time has become an essential work of the food factory every day. The cleaning work of the entire production line is huge. The production specification of the food is higher than that of the normal production line. The traditional water cleaning will leave water stains, which will affect the quality of the biscuits and damage the equipment. Chemical cleaning is not available. What the food factory needs most at present is a product that can not produce secondary pollution A new cleaning method without water stains and other chemical additives.

Dry ice cleaning has gradually become the preferred cleaning method in the cleaning industry due to its fast online cleaning, no damage to equipment, no need for secondary cleaning and other characteristics. The dry ice cleaning technology has eliminated many disadvantages brought by the traditional cleaning method. The cleaning efficiency of the equipment has not only been doubled, the accuracy of the equipment has also been guaranteed, but also made the cleaning of the equipment more convenient and fast, and thoroughly solved a problem that has troubled the food factory for a long time.

Due to the non-conductive, water-free and pollution-free characteristics of dry ice, it is decided that the dry ice cleaner (dry ice ejector, mold washer) can be cleaned online without cooling and disassembling the equipment, thus avoiding the corrosion and damage of the equipment by chemical cleaning method and the mechanical damage and scratch of the equipment by mechanical cleaning method. The key is that the two most time-consuming steps of disassembling the equipment and waiting for the equipment to cool down can be avoided, which can reduce the downtime; Reduce equipment damage; Very effective cleaning of high-temperature equipment; Reduce or reduce the use of solvents; Improve staff safety; Improve maintenance efficiency; Reduce production downtime, reduce costs and improve production efficiency.


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